St George’s exists to introduce Holborn and central London to Jesus Christ, through scaled church planting, by raising up missional leaders

  • St George’s is in Holborn, right in the heart of London.  Our vision is to be a church for London, centred in our local community, but being here for all the networks and varied communities that make up and pass through this hub right at the heart of our city
  • We see ourselves as a mission church.  We welcome all, and reach out to all, aiming to introduce Holborn and central London to Jesus Christ and his love
  • We see community as the most biblical and effective way of doing this.  On the one hand, we plant churches on a regular basis, and, on the other, we aim to generate and release small communities based around interests, geography and networks that can be natural places where people can encounter Christ in his church
  • The heart of our church life is a vision for discipleship - encouraging and training each other in what it means to follow Jesus Christ today.  Much of this is based around the training of leaders who can start and build communities



St George’s is a Zone 1 central London church, surrounded by major educational, medical, legal and business institutions, but having a definite individual community feel.  The 2011 census shows a population of 11,000, with above average deprivation and a substantial Bangladeshi community within a predominantly white British population.  Since the 2001 census, those claiming any Christian allegiance has fallen by a third, whilst the population as a whole has gone up by 1,500. 

The church has two distinct but overlapping congregations - a growing and thriving morning congregation, reaching out effectively to children and young families in the area, and an evening congregation of students and young professionals with many opportunities for training in discipleship and leadership.  February 2016 saw the opening of ‘George’s’ café in the church.

St George’s is positioned in a great place.  The sheer range of missional opportunities in such a diverse and vibrant area right in the heart of London is extraordinary.  The church is passionate, generous and flexible, open to new approaches and ventures.




The church’s spirituality is:

  • Generously orthodox;
  • Dependent on the Holy Spirit;
  • Rooted in the Bible as the Word of God;
  • Missional;
  • Largely contemporary in its worship style;
  • Loyal to the leadership of the Church of England, the Diocese of London, and the Area of Edmonton, and committed to the flourishing of the Church of England;
  • Actively looking to work in partnership with other churches and kingdom organisations;
  • Committed to planting churches.


We are a church plant (2002) fr