As you may have noticed, we cannot currently use the main body of the church. Thankfully we are still able to sue the cafe so we are not completely excluded from the great church building entirely.

The issue

The reason we have closed the main part of the church is because we have had a bit of a plaster fall from the ceiling. Even though the piece was small, and it happened some time ago, we need to be absolutely certain that it won;t happen again and risk hurting anyone.

The solution

We have raised enough money to begin to make basic repairs to stabilise the ceiling via grants and loans. This will enable us to re-enter the building safe in the knowledge that no more plaster will fall. Though further fundraising will be need to restore the ceiling completely.


We have now instructed the works to begin, These stabilisation works should complete within four months, Therefore, we hope to be back in the building by the end of 2019. However, these timescales are approximate and may be subject to change.

It may be that some people reading this feel inclined to help - or even may feel called to do so. If that is you, it is possible to donate directly towards the projects to help restore the ceiling in our church. If you are one such person, that would be greatly appreciated. You can do by clicking the link here