Welcome to St George's!

Our church is right in the heart of student London, just a few minutes' walk from the main campuses of UCL, SOAS, King's and LSE to name but a few, so it’s guaranteed that you’ll find a variety of students in the congregation. Our mission, as a church family, is to make Jesus known in Holborn. At St George's Students, therefore, our vision is to live and love like Jesus through relationships and community.

Mondays at 7.00pm

Each week, during term time, we meet as a student group to eat together, worship together, listen to a short talk and enjoy living alongside one another. We are passionate about growing more than just a community. We seek to create a student 'family' away from home. So, whether that be out on the streets, helping serve those who are homeless or, on a weekend away, we want to help students to thrive in this wonderful city. 

Sundays at 10.30am and 5.00pm

Sundays are an opportunity to get involved in the wider church family. Most of the students are usually found at the evening service followed by a visit to the pub. However, some 'early birds' do get up early enough to make breakfast before the 10.30am service (served from 10.00am).

What do we do?

At St George's Students we are passionate about three key elements - evangelism, discipleship and belonging/being connected. We are committed to introducing Jesus to the student population across London, both on and off campus; helping one another grow in our faith journey; and integrating students within the life of St George's. There are opportunities to get involved in worship and production, children's work and more. 

With George's cafe based at St George's, we are fortunate enough to have a weekly dedicated space reserved for students to study and enjoy discounted drinks. Do stop by the cafe during the week and enjoy the space, delicious food and great coffee (or tea). Just don't forget your student card for a discount!

We know that university is a challenging time for many, especially in such a large city. We are committed to praying for students and look for creative new ways to engage with them in our local neighbourhood.

For more information, of for a free coffee and chat with our Student Worker, Jack, email us at students@stgholborn.org or follow our Facebook and Instagram pages.



The best way of giving you an idea of what life is like for the students at St George’s, is to share some of what we have done recently:

Hospitality – Food is a very important element of our student community! Sharing meals together, exploring cuisine from other countries and welcoming newcomers have been a big feature of the last year.

Prayer – Supporting one another in prayer has been an important element of the student group’s life together, particularly during exam season.

Sharing in the life of St George’s – Students are vital to the church’s community! In the past, they have been involved in a whole range of ministries and activities, including: the worship team, prayer ministry, our regular community teas and the welcome team at services. It’s a great place to explore your gifts and talents.

Becoming a community – Student life can be a stressful and difficult time, and having a community that you can rely upon for support and prayer can be a valuable resource.
For more information, contact us by email or phone 020 7404 4407.