Sunday services at St George’s are all about being transformed by the love of God.  The emphasis is on informality and accessibility, especially to those new to church.  Worship is led by a band, sermons are from the Bible and each service has opportunity for ‘prayer ministry’.

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10.30am 16 December

Join us for our

5.00pm 16 December

Join us for our


Christmas holiday

The 5.00pm service is on holiday after the 16 December service and returns on 13 January.

The 10.30am service will be on holiday on 30 December.

10.30am service

  • Informal (very!) services for all ages

  • Children stay in the services throughout (apart from 'First Sundays' when they have their own activities and the adults have a more ‘in depth’ sermon)

  • The vision is to build up a community of all ages in God

5.00pm service

  • Services with extended worship and stretching Bible teaching

  • The emphasis is on the life and gifts of the Holy Spirit

  • The vision is to resource a generation of worshippers who can change nations

Midweek Service

Wednesdays 12.10pm 23 January - 10 April

A short 30 minute service aimed at those who live and work locally.

Listen online

To listen to any of our talks, please visit our Sermons & Talks page.