Overseas mission and development has a special place in the life of St George’s. There is a long history here of involvement and support with both projects and people overseas. We are committed to a partnership approach with both individuals and organisations, working wherever possible with and through local churches.

1.    We partner with four organisations:

  • Alpha Burundi - We have long-standing links with Burundi, and we give towards the work of the gospel there through Alpha Burundi. We aim to have a bi-annual church trip to Burundi, and there is usually an annual visit to the church from those in the leadership of Alpha Burundi.
  • Compassion - As a church, we give a fixed amount each year to Compassion’s work in Bangladesh, partnering with a local church. Individuals are also encouraged to contribute. A speaker from Compassion visits the church once a year.
  • International Justice Mission - We support IJM’s work globally and also contribute to their activities in Bangalore. To learn more about IJM's work, watch this video.
  • Tearfund - As a church, we give a fixed amount each year to Tearfund’s partnership with the Anglican Development Services of Mount Kenya East, agricultural and economic development services run through local churches in a largely Muslim area of east Kenya. Individuals are also encouraged to contribute, and occasional trips are planned.

2.    We partner with individuals from and through our church who work in mission and development:

  • Claude and Ruth Baraberewe, who are Pioneering Missionaries with Iris Global in Burundi;
  • Joanne and Andy Beale, who work in water development with the Anglican Diocese in Mozambique;
  • Andrea Vogt, who works in development in central Asia;
  • Eva & Martin Horton, who work with Wycliffe Bible Translators.
  • Bryn Frere-Smith, who works with International Justice Mission. 

3.    We support short term mission trips by members of St George’s congregation in prayer and occasional finance.

4.    As needs arise, we give our regular Sunday collections to organisations supporting disaster relief work.

We aim to give away 5% of our annual congregational income to the work of overseas mission and development.