Bryn Frere-Smith

Bryn worshipped at St George's from 2013 to 2017. He has spent his career in UK Policing and the security industry, serving Norfolk Constabulary and the Met Police, before leaving to work as a bodyguard for several clients in London and across the UK. In June 2017, Bryn left London and St George's to work for International Justice Mission (IJM) in their operations across Central America. The finer details of his location and work cannot be revealed online due to security reasons. IJM is a Christian human rights agency and the largest anti-trafficking agency in the world. St George's has been a supporter of IJM for a number of years, as they look to ‘rescue thousands, protect millions & prove that justice for the poor is possible’.

Please pray for Bryn while he is overseas serving with IJM. Pray for his protection, his strength and his wisdom. Please also pray for the amazing work of IJM, fighting slavery, human trafficking and corruption across the developing world.

You can contact Andrew Chrystal (Director of Overseas Mission & Development) at St George's, if you would like to be kept up-to-date with Bryn's progress over the course of the year.